Si vous êtes médiateur familial sous engagement et que vous recherchez une formation complémentaire, nous vous invitons à consulter notre formation : formation complémentaire 45 heures    

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Participants testimonials :

«Very competent and dynamic trainer. Thank you Violaine! Plenty of room for comments / questions, which is greatly appreciated during breaks! I really enjoyed the training!

«I really enjoyed the two days we discussed children's issues and parents' mental health. The role plays allowed to better understand the material discussed in group. Thank you Me Belzile!»    

«Very satisfied with the training. Many thanks for your generosity. I come out with concrete tools for my practice. Your passion is contagious, I can't wait to start mediation.»

«Thank you. I learned a lot from the examples in practice, very relevant in content. This led me to a good understanding of couple dynamics in mediation.»


This basic course (60 hours) is intended for all members of professional orders to professionals wishing to practice family mediation covered by the Regulation respecting family mediation.

The training and documentation are in French.

A certificate will be given to each participant who has completed the entire 60 hours.

Course Outline

Consult the course outline : Course Outline

Prerequisites for accreditation :

Have been a member for at least 3 years of one or other of the professional orders mentioned in the Regulation on family mediation. Certain professional orders require that this basic training be followed at the end of this 3-year period.

IMPORTANT : Accreditation as a family mediator

You don't automatically get accreditation to act as a family mediator. To do this, the professional who has followed the training must submit an accreditation request to his order with commitment and agree to complete, within 2 years of accreditation, 10 family mediation mandates under the supervision of a mediator. accredited who has completed a minimum of 40 family mediation mandates and to undergo additional training of 45 hours in family mediation within this period.

Violaine Belzile is a lawyer (1985) and a family, civil and commercial mediator. She is also an accredited arbitrator. She has practiced for over 30 years in a private practice in Montreal in civil and family law. She has helped thousands of people through one of the most delicate stages in their lives, the breakdown of a union. His approach takes into account the global nature of his clients' problems, both from a legal point of view and the complexity of their human needs. She is the author of several articles, conferences and trainings addressed to lawyers and also to mediators, on the rights and obligations of de facto spouses, on the claim for unjust enrichment as well as on mediation and negotiation. Ms. Belzile provides supervision to accredited mediators and is engaged in the development of private modes of prevention and dispute resolution. She is Chair of the Participatory Justice Committee of the Barreau du Québec and a member of the Office of Arbitration and Mediation of Quebec.    

Caroline Paquet is a member of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec, the Order of Guidance Counselors and Psychoeducators of Quebec and an accredited family mediator. She also has training in special education. For the past twelve years, she has worked with children, adolescents, young adults, parents and couples. Its interventions are generally aimed at promoting self-esteem development, behavior modification, academic success and decision-making. She is also authorized to work with people suffering from learning disabilities, hyperactivity, attention deficit or behavioral disorders. Also, his experience and training allow him to offer educational and professional guidance services.

Training location 



Les classes virtuelles (J2 et J3) seront en avant-midi de 8h45 à 12h30 (duréede 3,75 heures par AM).  

Les classes virtuelles (J1, J4, J5, J6, J7 et J8) seront données sur des journées entières de 8h30 à 12h00 et de 13h00 à 17h00 (durée de 7,5 heures par jour).

Jour 1 - 16 avril 2021 (7,5 heures)
Jour 2  (1 de 2) - 19 avril 2021 (3,75 heures)
Jour 2  (2 de 2) - 22 avril 2021 (3,75 heures)
Jour 3  (1 de 2) - 23 avril 2021 (3,75 heures)
Jour 3  (2 de 2) - 26 avril 2021 (3,75 heures)  
Jour 4 - 29 avril 2021 (7,5 heures)
Jour 5 - 30 avril 2021 (7,5 heures)
Jour 6 - 10 mai 2021 (7,5 heures)
Jour 7 - 13 mai 2021 (7,5 heures)
Jour 8 - 14 mai 2021 (7,5 heures)

$ 1 750,00 (plus taxes) including :

  • material;
  • coffee breaks;
  • membership until up to 1 year from the end of your training. To benefit from it, you must register with the AMFQ when you receive your accreditation with commitment. Details will be communicated to you during your training.    .

Note : Places are limited to 22 participants.

FULL payment only

  • Online registration and full payment by CREDIT CARD

    Please complete the form at the bottom of this page and select "FULL Payment". A receipt will be issued during the first day of training. You must make your payment within 24 hours of registering. After this period, your registration will be deleted without any notice. Your payment confirms and reserves your place for your registration.

Promotion: Participants in our training will be able to obtain free membership as an AMFQ member until May 14, 2022 if you register as a member after receiving your accreditation with commitment from your professional order. If you subsequently wish to keep your privileges as a member of the AMFQ, you must contact us to renew your prorated portion of the remaining days, from May 15, 2022 to September 30, 2022.

  • Places are limited to 22 participants.

  • No payment by check is accepted.

  • You must make your payment within 24 hours of registering. After this period, your registration will be deleted without any notice. Your payement confirms and reserves your place for your registration.

  • If you wish to cancel your participation, it must be received, by email, no later thanMarch 29, 2021 and it will be subject to an administrative fee of $ 125.00 (plus taxes) non-refundable and non-transferable to a registration subsequent to the training or any other training. 

  • A cancellation received after March 29, 2021 will not give right to any refund and will not allow you to obtain the material which could be delivered and you will be responsible for the payment of the total balance. Failure to attend the event does not constitute a cancellation in itself.

  • We reserve the right to cancel an event at any time. You will then be entitled to a full refund of the amounts paid.

  • You will receive a receipt by email on the 1st day of the training.